Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Last day with the "girls"

Weigh in yesterday netted me another 1.4 pound loss!  for a total of 89 pounds lost!  yowza!

Less than 12 hours to go until my breast reduction surgery!  I'm nervous and excited. Excited for many many reasons, mostly clothing related :P. Nervous mainly for how my kids are going to react to me being "sick", nervous about how my youngest will take not being able to climb all over me like she does. I'm thinking I'm going to have to just keep a big pillow over my chest just in case. How the hell do you keep a 2 year old off your lap!

I got a really good cuddle in with Zaryah tonight, with a huge long cuddle/hug before I laid her in her crib and it made me sad that I won't get that cuddle for a few weeks :'(. I hope she doesn't take it hard!

He he. When I was getting ready to leave work, the girls at the front desk asked me for updates tomorrow to let them know I survived surgery :). One of our older "oblivious to the goings on" doctors happened to walk into the conversation and asked what surgery I was having. I told him I was having a breast reduction and he nearly choked on his popcorn and said "I'm sorry to hear that!"  Lol!

Ooh ooh!  A big NSV!  I have NO summer stuff, nada, nothing. It was a nice warm day yesterday so I went to Walmart and tried on some Capri pants!  You'll never guess what fit!  They zipped right up!

I had to take a picture so you'd believe me, lol!  I hardly believe it myself!  Size 8' $16 is the price!

Since its the eve of my surgery, I thought I'd leave you with a few pics of the girls!  I'll post comparisons when I'm able and I'll keep you posted on how I'm doing!

My running, less bounce, option. 3 bras!!!  And I still end up with black eyes!

My "pretty" bra. Popping out of a 36 F!

Date night with the girls on display

Date night with "neck cleavage". Sexy!  


  1. Eva, best wishes to you on your procedure! Praying everything goes smoothly and you have a speedy recovery! Post an update when you can. :)

  2. i hope everything goes smoothly. ive heard this about making them larger, you wake up to feeling an elephant on your chest, but to making them smaller, you wake up feeling like you can breathe again. so welcome to breathing. :)
    can you talk your kids into cuddling with your legs instead? i know it is silly, but it will keep you much closer (i find if you tell kids abuot Boo boos and maybe show them some type of bandage they will understand, i had to talk my to my old roomies kid when he was 2.5 about not jumping on my friend that had half of her colon removed due to cancer. so she showed him the scar and he was careful around her).

  3. Good luck! When I had my hernia repair and my son was only 2 and he seemed to understand.