Monday, May 13, 2013

Happy Mother's Day!

I had a fantastic mothers day yesterday! My husband isn't the most romantic man in the world, and it wouldn't be fair to expect that of him. So I've learned to be happy on Mother's Day, my birthday, our anniversary etc. He remembers it, plans for it, follows the "rules" (Mama pee's alone, doesn't change diapers or do housework) and usually surprises me somehow. I love him so much for his efforts!  I really don't want to be the wife who get disappointed by expecting over the top confessions of love, showers of presents, rooms full of flowers, that's just not Tom. And I'm glad he's not that. He spoils me in his own way :). Usually there are presents, but this year with him in school, me off on short term disability right now, there were no presents (previously decided). 

This year, this is how it went. 

I woke up ungodly early for a sunday as per my usual, around 7:30 had a shower, did my hair and got our 2 year old out of bed as she's a morning person too. We hung out, had oatmeal, almonds and apple slices and watched Disney Junior until the 4 year old woke up, around 9:30. We decided to wake Daddo up at 10:10. The girls gave me handmade cards and a huge hug and kiss!

I'm such a lucky Mama!

We got dressed and all went to the local diner for a big, protein filled breakfast!  I got a beautiful rose from them!  The other one was from my thoughtful sister in law Courtney :). Thanks sis!

We then took Toms grandmother and the girls over to go visit my mom in Continuing Care. She was so happy for the visit!  Then we stopped in and dropped Grandma off at Toms moms house. We then went for a drive house dreaming and future planning!  The girls were great in the car for the entire 5.5 hour car ride!  

On our travels, we stopped at Crawford's bakery for Coconut cream pie!  Crawford's pie is 10/10. And I only have it a few times a year!  So bad!  But so good!

We ended the day with Calzones and veal Parmesan from a local pizza joint, I had a glass of wine and we watched the Toronto Maple Leafs even it up in game 6 of the Stanley Cup play off semi finals!  GO LEAFS GO! (I'm so glad they won!  It would have been unfair to have a cranky husband on Mother's Day!). We then had some much needed Mama/Daddo time ;)

Such a great day!  Too much food, but whatever, it was Mother's Day. 

Happy Mother's Day to all of my Mama readers!!!

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