Monday, May 13, 2013

Excuses excuses

Well I'm 11 days post breast reduction today and starting to feel a little more normal!  I still have pain, but it's more like I got a bad sunburn in a couple of very unfortunate locations!  Remind me never to sunbathe upside down in the nude!!!

I've not been on plan at all really in the last couple of weeks. I'm eating everything under the sun, binging really, and using swelling as the excuse for the number on the scale. Yes I'm still retaining water from the surgery, there is still some obvious swelling and this will take weeks to go away, but the number drops, then I have a binge full day and it creeps up again. So it's more the crap I've been eating!

The lowest point was my last weigh in day, at home that morning I weighed 162.6. By urns day just before surgery I had gotten that number (by pre surgery binge) up to 163.9. The day of surgery I had been pumped full of fluid and the swelling had started, I weighed in the next day at 169.3!  Even after the had taken more than 2 pounds of skin and tissue off of my breasts!  As you can see over the next week, the number would drop, then I'd binge and it would go back up again, definitely not swelling causing that!

Now that I'm feeling better and knowing that life is starting to return to normal, I'm feeling the pressure to start working on my weight loss again. Weigh in day is tomorrow. My plan was to miss 2 weigh ins then weigh in 2.5 weeks post op. I'm toying with the idea of weighing in tomorrow anyways.  More for the reset than anything.  I really don't want to see a 4-6 pound gaining the books though, but I need to face the music. I'm definitely going to the meeting, maybe that'll be the reset I need.  I really don't want to see the next week as a free for all.  So maybe I'll talk to our leader and see what she says.

On the weigh watchers Canada website, I'm part of a mediate board called "100+ pounds to lose". The people on this message board have been a huge support to me in this journey!  On there I lead a daily thread called "100 days of tracking". Except the past 2 weeks someone else has been doing my job while I sit home and "eat to heal". Today I started the thread and promised to start tracking.

100 days from now will take me to August 20th. If I want to reach lifetime by August 20th, I need to reach my goal by July 9th. That would give me 8 weeks from now to lose all of the water weight, water retention for not eating well, and the last few pounds of stubborn fat. I think I can do it!

Ok I've talked myself into getting back on the bandwagon. I love how I can talk to myself then call it a blog post, lol!

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