Friday, June 1, 2012

I love fridays! Even if it's raining :)

Fridays I only work until noon, and even then, it's relaxed at work, only 2 doctors myself and the desk staff.  If I haven't mentioned before, I work as a Nurse in a family practice.  It's small, only 4 doctors and a Nurse Practitioner.  A great job, everyone's friends :)

Friday's are laid back, I usually only see a handful of patients and I have time to tie up loose ends, make phone calls, catch up on stuff.  Leisurely.  Then I go home and I have the rest of the day with my girls and make dinner before Daddo comes home!

Tonight Lara and I are going to make Daddo's favorite for dinner!  Lasagna!  Not the lightest, but I'll serve it with a big salad.  I figure we can have a bit of a heavier meal today, We have 2 5k walk a thons planned this weekend!

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