Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Doctors appointment (Yes another one)

And it looks like I won't be done with them yet.

First off.  My doctor noticed my weight loss and said I look phenomenal!  A compliment like that is hard earned from my doctor!

This was a follow up to blood work done a few weeks ago and that quacks (Orthopedic surgeon) appointment last week.  She had already heard from him that he wasn't interested in taking on my case and she had already referred me to see another surgeon!  I hadn't even come in yet!  So you know she's pulling for me!  Thank God!  My family doctor, either you love her or you hate her.  I love her.  She takes my concerns seriously.

I was following up with her about my dizzy spells as well, and she did a bunch of tests to make sure it wasn't related to anything in my brain (I passed).  She thinks it has to do with my ears or sinuses or something, so she's referring me to an ear nose and throat specialist as well.  She doesn't think I need a CT or MRI of my head as of yet.  She said the specialist might need one though.

I told her that I've taken an interest in learning to run and she is very happy about that.  I had wondered if I should cut back on my Celebrex as I've been on it for a while and I'm not having so much pain like I used to now that I'm more active and >50 lbs lighter.  She said "I want you to run.  I want you to work out and I want you to lose the rest of the weight".  She pretty much said that she's not taking me off of it if I'm able to do all of those things.  She doesn't want to upset the balance I have right now.

She also told me to not wear the ankle brace while running.  It's messing with the tibialis posterior muscle and could make things worse.  So I'm to keep up with the strength training and just be careful when I run.

Oh, and she put me back on my puffer because she says my asthma is bad.  I said I always sound like this, and she gave me a look, lol!

Well my writing is cut short.  Lara wants to go to bed with her pizza (the one she asked for and didn't eat).  So I'm going to tuck her (and her pizza) in.  Gotta pick my battles!  Night!


  1. I am so glad to hear you got referred to another surgeon without asking!

    I get dizzy spells from my sinuses/ears. Good to hear you got a thumbs up from your doctor re: the running!

    1. It was definitely a worthwhile appointment!

      I'm excited about the running :)