Saturday, June 30, 2012

Girls night and Victoria's Secret

Well I did it! I'm pretty hungover, but I tracked everything! Girls night out was a success! 

6 days tracked in a row!

This tracking thing seems to be working too.  This is my daily weights from the last week or so.  Holy crap!

Eating wise I kept to what I tracked. I had 4 chocolate covered strawberries and 2 mini cheesecakes. Alcohol was another story. I'd planned on one glass of wine, but ended up drinking the whole bottle :P ...and a glass of champagne... and 3 shots of something called a fuzzy hippo?

Needless to say it was very convenient that my sister was heading out that way this morning so I could pick up my car...

We went out to our favorite shopping mall today because I was in serious need of new panties.  Yesterday I walked around the superstore with my panties UNDER my bum!  They'd fallen down!  Since I don't "fit" in Addition-Elle anymore (too bad so sad!), I'm on the hunt for a new favorite panty.  I can't stand bare elastic on my skin, can't to bikini cut, hi cut briefs are too long in the waist, I'm a little picky.  They have to be comfortable!  So we went to Victoria's Secret.  They have a bra sale going on too, so I decided to try a couple on.  Because the kids were going crazy, the biggest size I could find on clearance was a 38D.  A pushup.  

Pretty sure I don't need a push up, and I need a bigger cup, lmao!  Or a breast reduction!  The girls certainly don't look like they're shrinking any!

I did find some underwear I like :)  Boyshorts!  In a LARGE!

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