Friday, March 16, 2012

Wracking up the NSV's!

Non scale victories!

We've been walking everyday in this glorious weather and as I was out for a walk with my hubby yesterday I realized how effortlessly I walked up to the dollar store.

It was an easy quick walk where as last year I actually made my hubby walk back home from the mall (an even shorter walk away) to get the car to pick me up instead of walking home!  The dollarstore is only a couple kilometres away from our place, but last year It was an unimaginable distance!

We were there before I realized it!  I wasn't huffing and puffing to keep up with my hubby's long legs, I used to tick off milestones in my head as I walked (only3 more turns, huff, puff).  We walked back home and I was genuinely disappointed we had to stop walking because Tom had to work.

On top of that, I opened the rubbermaid of "too small for last year" summer clothes.  Capri's I couldn't even pull up over my hips were loose!  I'm happy the weather is nice because I have a whole new wardrobe right now and can wear all of it before it gets too small!

It came at the right time too, I literally have one pair of pants that fit in my entire collection :)

My trainer yesterday gave me a huge compliment too, he said my determination is incredible!  He knows how I fell down the stairs 3 years ago and what physical limitations I have from it still.  He said, the difference between you and someone else battling chronic injury is that you're here.  Working your ass off to get healthy and do something about it.  Instead of sitting at home feeling sorry for yourself.

I really feel like I'm getting somewhere now, despite the scale rising (just trying to ignore that) :)


  1. You are very determined, it's awesome! Congratulations on the clothing victory, it feels so good! :)

    1. Thanks so much Czesia! I am determined to do this this time :)