Thursday, March 1, 2012

Finding my niche?

As most of you know, I'm battling a chronic ankle injury that is preventing me doing a lot of things (again).  I was getting pretty good there for a while with the kickboxing and walking on the treadmill, then I re-injured my ankle.  I keep doing it!  So I went to the doctor and she said I may need surgery to finally fix the instability caused by the initial injury, but we're trying Physio first.  I was told to lay off the kickboxing and treadmill and don't even think of step, elliptical or aerobics!  I really find the stationary bike BORING so I decided I need to do SOMETHING else.

I really haven't found my exercise niche yet.  I feel like I try something, fail at it or can't do it or don't like it, then I'm looking for something else.  So far I think I've been lucky to lose an average of 1.75-2 lbs a week.  I do feel like I'm on borrowed time and as my weight gets lower, it's going to get harder to lose.  I also need to get more active consistently, for health reasons!  I'm losing weight to get healthy, not just to be smaller, and exercise is a big part of that.

Tom and I joined a gym recently with a post new years deal and we had a meeting with the owners wife last night.  She did all of her measurements and formulas and said I have a good muscle base already and she thinks that I would do better with weight training as my focus.  She mentioned personal training, which I think I'm going to look into that when I go back to work after I catch up with bills...

She also told me my goal weight is too low.  I said I wanted to be 140-145.  She said I should be around 150-160 if I'm to be weight training.  I gave her a look and she said that with my muscle mass already, lower than 150 is a stretch.  She asked me what I thought her weight was and I guessed about 135, she's about my height, she's 158!  She weight trains and does only the required cardio and looks very healthy.  And her thighs don't even touch!  So maybe I do have to rethink my ideal weight...

I could live with looking like this :))

A few years ago I was going to a gym regularly and was doing weight training and really liked it!  Maybe I'm just not an endless cardio girl.  Lifting weights is fun, when you get tired you move onto something else.  No marathon elliptical sessions!

I NEED TO BE HEALTHY.  Sitting around isn't going to get me there.  I NEED MY HEART TO BE HEALTHY.  Eating well and losing the weight will help, but skinny people die of heart attacks too!  I need to actively try to get healthy, maybe it'll cost a little more money, but what is a long healthy life worth?  Can I put a price on growing old with my soulmate?  Seeing my grandkids get married?  NOT having to use a walker in my early 70's?

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