Monday, March 5, 2012

Dr's appointment

I went back to my Dr. today as my Physio told me.

I fell down the stairs and did the splits when I was 8 months pregnant with my oldest daughter 3 years ago.  I tore a bunch of muscles in my pelvic floor, threw my pelvis out of alignment and cracked it.  I also seriously hurt my ankle.  I had my daughter 2 days later and nearly lost her due to placental abruption.  Thankfully she's absolutely fine!  I fared not so well...  I spent the better part of the part of the last 3 years feeling sorry for myself, nearly didn't survive the pain of my second pregnancy, and I haven't been able to do much because of the bum ankle.  2 rounds of physio and one Specialist I had no answers, still a bum foot.

The doctor was I guess expecting me to come back.  "Well I thought I'd see what physio could do before sending you out again".

She's sending me for another MRI and more x-rays of my bum ankle.  She's also referring me to a fot and ankle specialist.  She said this doctor had fixed her sister-in-law's ankle after years of instability.  So here's hoping he can fix me!!!  I'm about to sign the consent forms for an amputation (if someone would give them to me!).

Well more waiting... Man things move slow in Ontario.  It'll be months before I get an MRI and more months before I see the surgeon.  The ball is now rolling though so that's all I care about.

On a good note, with many thanks to a certain Grandma for financial support, Tom and I are both able to go on with our gym plans!!!  He's been going to Baofit bootcamps and will be starting Muai tai training this week!  I start with a personal trainer twice a week starting tomorrow!!!  His name is Jesus (Hey Zeus) and I'm excited to meet him!  I'm looking forward to doing something physical and watching my body changing as a result.  I'm super excited to do this without hurting myself again!  I have a list of don'ts from my physio, but with the help of the trainer I should still be successful!

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